Episode #099 - Bring it On

2000 - Pressure mounts as cheerleading captain Torrance Shipman attempts to lead her crew to its sixth national title. She's determined to let nothing -- not family, schoolwork or an inner-city squad with a score to settle -- get in the way of winning.

Ratings:  Ashley - 4/5  Justine - 3.5/5  Kelly - 3/5  Courtney - 4/5  Booke & Nikki - 4/5

We apologize for the slight audio problems but the episode is still AMAZING. We talk about the #Bradfordsance, privilege and cultural appropriation, Patrick Verona or Cliff Pantone, our favorite mixtape songs, and love stories that’ll make you go “tear!” Don’t be a ::cough:: loser ::cough:: and bring IT on!

The Cutaways are Ashley McKinney and Justine Gendron.  This episode features guests Kelly from Bad Feminist Film Club, Courtney from Chicks with Flicks, and Brooke and Nikki from My So-Called Whatever.

Music by Jimmy Natividad.

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