Episode #083 - Show Me Love

1998 - Elin (Alexandra Dahlstrom) and Agnes (Rebecka Liljeberg) are social opposites. While Elin is gorgeous, lively and wildly popular at school, Agnes is sullen, lonely and rejected as a nerdy lesbian. But when Agnes develops a crush on Elin, the exploration of love between them alleviates Elin's perpetual boredom. This Swedish award-winner reflects the joy and pain of relationships, the insecurity of youth and the courage it takes to be different.

Ratings:  Justine - 3.5/5  Cara - 2.75/5

The Cutaways are Ashley McKinney and Justine Gendron.  Ashley is out this week but honorary Cutaway, Cara Rouse, steps in!

Music by Jimmy Natividad.

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