Bonus Episode - Listener Questions 2017

It is our podcast birthday this Friday so happy birthday to us!!  Two years ago we were born and now we're roly poly toddlers.  Thank you to those who have been with us since the beginning! Thank you to our new listeners! Thank you to the LadyPodSquad, MoviePodSquad, and FilmFam for having us in their groups.  It's been great this year to really find friends and community.

Enjoy this episode where Hinkley is our guest and we answer listener questions from-

Questions From-

What Were They Thinking Podcast

Podstalgic Podcast

Film Roast Podcast

Joy Sandwich Podcast

Shaken Not Nerd Podcast

Amanda’s Picture Show A Go Go

Noelle (Hile on Life Podcast)

Katy Rochelle

High Expectations Podcast

So I Married a Movie Geek Podcast

IndoorsWomen Podcast

The Cutaways are Ashley McKinney and Justine Gendron.  This episode they are joined by special guest Michael Hinkley!

Music by Jimmy Natividad.

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