Episode #091 - Never Been Kissed

1999 - Aspiring reporter Josie Geller goes undercover as a high school student to pen a page-turning teen exposé. But when her hopelessly dorky past comes back to haunt her, she turns to her cooler older brother for help.

Ratings:  Ashley - 3/5  Justine - 4.5/5  Chris - 3/5

The first part of this episode contains a yearly wrap up! Find out our best and worst rated movies! Then the rest of the episode is Jo-sie Gro-sie! Jo-sie Gro-sie! Follow our dear main Never Been Kissed nerd as someone tries to give her the Dartmouth D.

The Cutaways are Ashley McKinney and Justine Gendron.  This episode they are joined by special guest Chris Visser!

Music by Jimmy Natividad.

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