Episode #096 - Notting Hill

1999 - A chance encounter brings together reserved bookstore owner William Thacker (Hugh Grant) and Hollywood icon Anna Scott (Julia Roberts), who forge an improbable romance until Anna's megastardom begins whittling away at their relationship. Can their love overcome all the pretense -- and the flash of the paparazzi? Rhys Ifans co-stars in a scene-stealing turn as Spike, William's dim-bulb, bedraggled flatmate.

Ratings:  Ashley - 1/5  Justine - 1.5/5

This may be the most ridiculous, most annoying Cutaways episode yet! Bear in mind we recorded during a 100 degree heatwave where a lot of LA was literally on fire. So is Notting Hill a rip-off of Roman Holiday? Why were we getting serious Jerry Maguire vibes? How much Lady Gaga can we sing!?!? All these answers and more.

The Cutaways are Ashley McKinney and Justine Gendron. 

Music by Jimmy Natividad.

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