Weekly Wrap-Up 8/13/16

Hello again!

I spent multiple days editing down Episode #057 - Reality Bites.  We recorded for three hours, which is 3x more than what we usually like.  A lot of that has "hit the cutting room floor" as they say, but we are still left with our longest episode to date. :D  I have some notes here from my edit.

Hello Avid my old friend

Cut out a story about my parents playing cool music on Saturday mornings while I desperately tried to sleep in.

Cut out stories of where we bought our school clothes.

Sorry you can't see my (Justine) Ben Stiller impression/Zoolander face.  Maybe sometime in the future.

Doing some internet research I'd say I'm more from the "Oregon Trail Generation."  The generation that has traits from both GenX and Millennials. 

Cut out a bunch of talk about recent American politics (you're welcome).

I think this is a very personal podcast episode.

Cut out a rant about reboots/Suicide Squad.  You can message @realbadrobot on twitter if you want to hear. :)

Dude we we namedrop Stranger Things a lot in this Episode.  They should pay us.

Good comparisons to both The Graduate and Pretty in Pink!

The actual movie discussion comes in at about 41 mins into the podcast. ;)

Hands up if you want to hear Ashley's Angry Mix!!

How do YOU justify dating a yuppie?

Cut out Ashley's rant about the housing market.

Ashley promises to post pictures of her puppy!!!  Yeah!

Ok that's all I have for this week.  We are recording two episodes tomorrow- Both movies that sound like horror movies: It Could Happen to You AND While You Were Sleeping.  Oooooo.  Big news soon. :D