Weekly Wrap-Up 8/21/16

Hello, hello!

We've had a busy week.  We watched two movies today.  We're starting a new series in a few weeks watching "flashback" movies every other week for a couple months.  So inbetween our modern '90s movies we'll be watching older movies, like the ones we've watched in the past year. Anyway, we're starting with 1953's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and then the following week you can hear what we thought of 1996's Emma.  We're doing double recording sessions because I (Justine) am going out of town and we still strive to bring you an episode every week!  Cause we love you. :)

So here are my thoughts while I was editing our podcast for It Could Happen to You starring Nicolas Cage, Bridget Fonda, and Rosie Perez.  We got this as a Blu-Ray through DVD.com. (not our sponsor)

not our sponsor

*Sorry my scary voice is so scary. There's a lot of scary voices in this episode though.

*We talk about how this movie could easily be turned into a musical. And hey I just found out that Groundhog Day has been turned into a musical on stage in London of all places!

*Omg I actually reference that I already complained in the blog that we've had too many Charlies and here's another lead character named Charlie!!

*Ashley and I perfect our Nicolas Cage impressions.

*Side-note that we are completely sober.

*This is our second movie that features a cop with a catchphrase! Add this to the RomCom-ism list!

*There's that Moonstruck reference again! We can't get enough of it. Thanks for existing Nic Cage.

*Ashley said that if Nic Cage was an inanimate object he would be a wooden spoon. She also says that she would make and sell these Nic Cage wooden spoons if the demand is there. ;)

*Second reminder that we are sober during this recording.

*Guess who made their feature debut in this movie!!!

Emily Deschanel!!!!

*Ashley invents a nut rating scale.

*Wish I made an Eddie Money reference.

*I start the Ashley for President campaign which I think makes a reoccurrence in the other episode we filmed that day.

*It wasn't until very end I make a Peewee reference! I'm getting soft in my old age. 

*Surprise! August 31st episode will be Clueless that we watched during Ashley's bachelorette party back in June!

Ok rascals, not really any news to share yet.  Have a good week!

Happy movie watching!