Weekly Wrap-Up 8/28/16

Yo yo yo! Here is our official Cutaways Podcast weekly-wrap up.  We watched Hello, Dolly yesterday as a part of our upcoming "flashback" series.  Thumbs up for Babs.  Now the podcast that is coming out this Wednesday we actually recorded way back in June during Ashley's bachelorette party.  We watched Clueless, and now we've reached 1995 in our show and we can finally share it. :D

The Bridal Party lineup

Not everyone was able to make it to the party or survived the night but we are very grateful/thankful for those willing to appear on our show. :)

Xander was definitely in attendance 

Here are the thoughts that popped in my head while I was editing Episode #059 - Clueless

*Little did we know back then that we would be watching 1996's Emma. (A recent viewing of ours)

*Should we add to our list 2007's The Jane Austen Book Club move?

*Factoid: The Grove in LA opened in 2002 (but we think the girls would have shopped there if it was available to them)

*I definitely confused two Alicia Silverstone movies: The Babysitter and The Crush. Both I haven't seen.

*We relate to this movie because we have opinions about the valley.

*Yay Charade reference!

*Trading SWAT stories- Now you know we're LA residents!

*We recorded this before we were watching 90s movies in the main podcast so we were really reaching for those 90s-isms.

*Funny enough we mention Amber is also Ashley's sister's name BUT  we don't mention that her brother's name is Christian. Ashley is Cher. ;)

*Wow a Moonstruck reference this far back! Ashley really loves Nicolas Cage.

*I don't know how we did it, but we tossed to the correct movie two months ago! Next week's movie is While You Were Sleeping.

Our new business cards!

We got these business cards so people know we're serious business. ;) We're super serious about slumber parties. Ta!