Weekly Wrap-Up 8/6/16

I just finished editing Episode #056 which is for the 1994 movie Four Weddings and a Funeral, which we found really, really boring.  More notes on that later.

Ashley's husband, Sam, posted this picture to our Facebook from when we recorded our review of My Father the Hero

So full of anger!

We also want to give a shout out to our friends at Critical Crop Top because they only have a few more days left on their IndieGoGo- so get out there and donate!!  They meme'd us this week because they're darling, darling sweethearts.

So lastly, in greater RomCom news it was announced that there will be a remake of the movie Splash, which of course we have watched.  The twist is that they are planning to gender-swap the rolls and have a male, in this case Channing Tatum, play the mermaid (merman).  Ashley who as you remember is OBSESSED with all things mermaids is very happy with this news.


Now I just want to add some freeform notes I took while I was editing our Four Weddings and a Funeral podcast (which will be dropping 8/10/16.)  Sometimes I think back and say to myself, "Oh I didn't talk about this or that."  So here we are!

* I wish we did more discussion of who Carrie was outside of Charles, or rather discussed that the movie did not present us with a complete female character. We touched on this briefly, but I think it could be an important discussion.

* While we do acknowledge that this is the first real representation of a gay/queer relationship in our limited catalogue, what we didn't discuss was that it involved a trope that annoys me greatly.  Hollywood tends to insert queer characters and then kill them off.  Many times we can't get a queer character to survive a movie or a show and this is terrible representation. :(

* Ashley wants Carrie's giant hat.  Here it is-

Add this to Ashley's hat collection immediately!

* We mention Silly Bean but we didn't explain it, but we just found this piece of trivia WAY too amusing- A Chinese-subtitled version of the film labeled Rowan Atkinson's character as Mr. Bean(1990) (or "Silly Bean" as he's known in China), though the characters are very different from each other.

* We make really good comparisons of this movie to So I Married An Axe Murderer and Groundhog Day but is it too much of a stretch to also compare it to the great When Harry Met Sally?

* Why wasn't the movie about Carrie who has more of a "commitment problem?"

* In this episode we make tons of comparisons to Ashley's wedding. Like more than we ever have before.

* Classic Moonstruck reference.

* Are the first three weddings in this movie metaphors for present, past, and future???

* We've had too many characters named Charles or Charlie lately.

* The alt title to this episode should be Ashley and Justine are definitely going to hades.

Ok that's all for this week I believe.  We are watching Reality Bites tomorrow!  Leave comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter. :D