Bloggity Post Wrap-Up 9/13/16

Hi!  Didn't do this on the weekend.  Shame on me for not driving traffic to the website. ;)

Mostly I wanted to again say HEY we just launched a PATREON!

"What is a Patreon?" you may ask- because this is the number one question I get.

It's a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, but different!  Instead of just asking you to provide monetary donations to us in a one month all out time-limit chunk, Patreon is different.  Its existence is to support artists on a monthly basis by having fans give a little each month in exchange for the content we provide each month.  Yeah it may not be for everybody, but if you're interested, check out our video and our Patreon site because we are going to be giving our Patrons rewards and goodies.  And if you have any ideas for what we could be doing more/better please let us know.

We're just so adorable, am I right? ;)  Here's the website again-

So in important poll news, the winner of Who Has the Better Hair in While You were Sleeping Official Poll (trademark) is BILL PULLMAN!  Though many people commented that Peter Gallagher slayed in his eyebrow game so he wins that award for sure.

Ashley's brings the blankets to the forts

Tomorrow we start our Flashback Series!  The basis of our podcast has always been watching Romantic Comedies in chronological order.  Every once in a while I think we're going to "go back in time" and watch some older movies again.  So every other week till mid-November we are going to watch a movie not from 1997 or wherever we are in chronological time.  We are starting with 1953's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  We hope you enjoy it and all the other episodes!!

bye bye