Weekly Wrap-Up 9/4/16

Hiya!  I'm gonna keep this short this week.

Firstly, without too much hype, we do have a special announcement in this week's episode, and you have to wait all the way to the very end to hear it.  No skipping ahead.  But if you just ask me very nicely I'll tell you. ;)

Secondly, and this is VERY important.  Who has better hair?  Peter Gallagher or Bill Pullman.  Let us know.

Gallagher or Pullman!??!!?!

So this is another lovely movie that takes place in Chicago.  This whole episode is dedicated to our lovely fond memories of Chicago and its food.  Chicago: The city where people fall in love and almost get hit by trains!

Movies that we mention that you may want to remember/review are: Moonstruck, Author! Author!, Miranda, and When Harry Met Sally.

Ok one last note...

(we say testicle a lot in this episode)