Year Three: By the Numbers

Hey guys! Recently we celebrated our third birthday of the podcast! Hooray for us! We released an episode that was mailbag episode combined with our annual Cutaways awards ceremony. As a Cutaways tradition, we look back on what we watched over the season and evaluate the good, the bad, and just how many times we had to suffer though multiple movies of the same actor. If you have listened to that episode, here is just everything presented in hard print. What's nice about this page, is that there are handy-dandy links! If you have not listened and want to be surprised, go listen here!

Without further ado..... 

Most Watched Actor

John Cusack

John Cusack

Of course we celebrated Jonuary this year so it is no surprise that this man tops this list. Here's how it shakes down with the other runner ups.

John Cusack- High Fidelity, Serendipity, America's Sweethearts

Hugh Grant- Notting Hill, Bridget Jones's Diary

Morris Chestnut- The Best Man, The Brothers

Most Watched Actress

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

We didn't have many repeat actresses this year, but we should always shine a light on Ms JULIA!

Julia Roberts- Notting Hill, America's Sweethearts

Molly Shannon- Never Been Kissed, Serendipity

Miriam Shor- Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Bedazzled

Most Watched Director

We have no repeat directors within the year but a few that we want to give shoutouts to as we have covered their other films previously: Garry Marshall and Harold Ramis.

Most Watched Editor


We watched films by Garth Craven twice this year! He edited Return to Me and Legally Blonde.

Most Watched Year

This year we watched ELEVEN movies from 2001! And it got pretty exhausting....

Worst Movie

The runner-ups for worst movie (with their combined rating score) we've watched in the past year are...

1999's Drive Me Crazy (1.75)

1999's Notting Hill (1.25)

2000's Return to Me (1.25)

2000's What Women Want (1.25)

2001's Someone Like You (1.25)

And we have tie for worst movie this year! Both with a rating of 1- 

1999's Sexo, Pudor y Lagrimas
2001's On The Line


Best Movie

The runner-ups for best movie (with their combined rating score) we've watched in the past year are...

1999's 10 Things I hate About You (4.2)

1999's But I'm a Cheerleader (4.25)

2001's Amelie (4.375)

2001's Legally Blonde (4.7)

2000's High Fidelity (4.75)

And the best movie we watched this year, with the only combined score of a 5-

2001's Hedwig and the Angry Inch


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